Michael Jordan is definitely the most legendary NBA player to have ever been. Such talent and capability to be a winner comes at a cost, and it seems like the cost for Jordan was considering the game to be a war.

Also Jordan’s run with the Chicago Bulls is considered legendary, the basketball was infamous to even compete hard with those whom he was friends with outside of the court.

In an interview with SLAM Magazine in 1997, Jordan talked about how he was great friends with Craig Ehlo, who was on the opposite side of his world famous shot which led the Bulls to victory against Cleveland Cavaliers in the play-offs of 1989.

Yeah, we talk. We take pictures with his kids. We’re pretty good friends, but we’re fierce competitors. I like Craig. I always have. But on the court, there’s no friendship; I’m still trying to win.

One of the most memorable moments of Jordan’s basketball career came from Jordan reacting furiously to one of his competitor friends, Patrick Ewing. Jordan recounts it as being the best facial of his career.

Patrick [Ewing]—on the baseline. Because I remember when…I started back out to the middle, and then I spun back, came baseline…

While that instance against Ewing happen in the playoffs of 1991 while the Game 3 at Madison Square Garden underwent, Jordan publicly trash-talked Ewing after fouls by both Ewing and Xavier McDaniel.

Jordan’s record in the NBA Finals was 6-0, but that didn’t only come from him being a talented player. Rather, it came from the player being dedicated towards his team and giving it his all in the spirit of competition.

Nitish Vashishtha

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