Fetty Wap recently suffered a terrible loss. As Wap announced the death of his daughter Lauren Maxwell on Sunday, there’s a lot on his chest that he needs to get off.

The rapper finally broke his silence on Tuesday to mourns over the death of his four-year old daughter. While kissing a photo of his daughter, the rapper let loose and said:

She’s good. My baby’s happy now. My shorty. That’s my little twin right there. If y’all could do me a favor. Just post all butterflies on my s–t. Shorty loved butterflies…and if y’all could do that, it’d mean a lot to me.

The mother of Wap’s daughter, known online as Turquoise Miami took to social media in order to let the world know that their daughter had passed. However, the circumstances at the time for her death remain obscure.

Fetty requested his 6.8 million followers on Instagram during his live session with them to shower the comments with butterflies as they were Lauren’s favorite beings.

Turquoise Miami also took to requesting her fans to send some butterflies to Wap in order to lift his spirits. She also stated that the issues both herself and Wap faced all along “were no longer relevant.”

Nitish Vashishtha

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