DaBaby’s controversial comments at Rolling Loud cost him a lot of work already and plenty of people are coming down about what he said, including Elton John.

Sir. Elton slammed DaBaby’s comments, but then people started to push back on him. They brought up Elton John’s friendship with Eminem, one that was formed at the 43rd Grammy Awards in 2001. The two performed Stan together in a moment that will live on in music history. Prior to that, Slim Shady was getting tons of heat for his use of the “F-Word” homophobic slur.

While some tried to shovel shade on Elton John, a Twitter user named SPRAT cleared up the entire situation for any who needed a history lesson.

Elton John got something to say to DaBaby in 2021 but never addressed anything to Eminem, ever

I’m confused by people…

To the dummies in my mentions telling me Google is free

I’ll keep it short, you sound dumb but I won’t judge you off of that

Elton John never called Em out or had beef.

He actually had his back

He decided not to judge someone based off his lyrics or a perception and actually get to know him.

Some people had problems with Eminem’s lyrics Elton John on the other hand viewed Ems lyrics

as not how he felt but rather him talking about what’s going on or how things are

Their performance together was certainly a great move to help clear Eminem’s name from any noise

None of this is here to defend DaBaby at all

Shit he didn’t even need to say any of that, but that’s on him at the end of the day and whoever he prays to

All I can say is get to know a person before you judge them. You don’t know that man.

If you don’t like what someone represents or how they carry themselves, that’s cool, everyone

doesn’t have to agree on everything You have the sole power to remove them from your life

You are the master of your energy.

Fans will try to poke holes in whatever story a star puts out there, because that is the nature of the business. The general public can form their own theories, but there is a huge difference between Eminem’s situation and what DaBaby said. Some fans are seeing that difference, but there are still a few Gen Zers who want to cancel Slim Shady.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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