You can get arrested for a number of things, but your taste in music is thought to be not an arrestable offense. That is not the case in this situation, but it was the reaction that really caused this trouble.

A fan named Stephanie Crute was arrested because she wouldn’t turn down Cardi B’s WAP. According to Yahoo, she was by the Bungalow Pool with her daughters and someone called the cops on her. The fuzz showed up and things got a little ugly.

Apparently, Crute had been asked numerous times to turn down the explicit song, but she refused. She was blasting the profane tune over a “large Bluetooth speaker” and not caring about who was offended by those words within earshot.

The police asked Crute to turn down the music, but she told them to buzz off. This resulted in her being detained by the Tamaqua Police. In the process, she pushed an officer and also assaulted other guests at the pool.

Crute also led by example as her 11-year-old daughter apparently started pushing and punching people too. Tamaqua Police Chief Michael Hobbs confirmed that Crute and her young daughter were both acting in this fashion.

The officer reportedly went to a nearby hospital where he was treated. Crute was nailed with numerous charges including “felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor simple assault and resisting arrest, and summary harassment and disorderly conduct.” Her daughter was sent home with her father. Crute was later given a $250k bond and she made bail.

She will reportedly return to court on August 3rd to answer the charges. We have to wonder if she will watch the volume on her music from now on, or she might want to invest in AirPods.

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