Die Hard 6 has been a highly anticipated project ever since the fifth installment of the series, “A Good Day To Die Hard” came out. It was released in 2013, and various rumors for the 6th part of the installment came and went.

There was also a series in the leagues of “24” was being talked about, and Bruce Willis himself have given voice-overs to be used in the series. However, it didn’t come into fruition.

Then comes the curious case of Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s Die Hard 6, which was supposed to function as a prequel of sorts to the character of John McLane. However, he recently revealed to Polygon in an interview that his version isn’t officially happening.

Yeah, no, It’s not happening. But what was really interesting was we actually came up with an idea to do it. It was a project that wasn’t Die Hard that then, eventually, shifted over to Die Hard. What was interesting about our idea was it allowed you the ability to meet the young John McClane and use Bruce. So it was really interesting in that way. So you sort of got to see both versions of him. A bit [like The Godfather Part 2].

As Bruce Willis has expressed before that he’d like to retire from the Die Hard project, it seems that the project will likely not be in the works anytime soon. It’s most likely that another version of the project comes along soon, but only time will tell.

Nitish Vashishtha

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