Back when NSync and Backstreet Boys were in fierce competition, the two boybands touring together would have been completely impossible. However, Backstreet Boys have expressed that they’re open to the idea of a tour with NSync.

While being on an interview on PEOPLE (The TV Show), Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter said that it would be a great idea for the both bands to go on a tour, as it would be great for the fans experiencing nostalgia.

I think it would just be good for the nostalgic side of it, for the fans, if we did something like that. What’s happening now is that we are realizing that we’re the only ones that have gone through what we have together, and we relate to one another. It was a place in time, and our lives were very parallel. So, all this unity and coming together and all this love, it’s really cool.

Backstreet’s AJ McLean came forth to give the angle that the shock factor of such a gigantic collaboration would be so much for the fans that they would lose their minds.

The fans would lose their mind.

As NSync’s Lance Bass and Joey Fatone came together with Backstreet Boys’ McLean and Carter for a collaborative effort at a charity function, it seems much more likelier than ever that the two legendary pop-bands might be going on a tour together.

Nitish Vashishtha

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