Regardless of what sports game one can go at, it is basic decency to not interrupt the game for any reason by running into the ground. It seems one fan who decided to do the same was in for a rude awakening.

During the top of the 6th inning against the Phillies, one New York Yankees fan went into the Yankee Stadium field and started racing across the outfield. The fan ran all the way to the center field before a stadium security guard took him down with a vicious tackle.

When the fan tried to escape his hold, the fan got slammed into the ground again and again. The security guard’s wrestling skills made short work of the fan as the fan stayed pinned to the ground.

NYPD identified the fan as 25-year-old Leonardo Lertora-Leiva and he was eventually escorted off the field by half a dozen other security workers. While speaking to TMZ, NYPD Lertora-Leiva was arrested for running onto the field of an active MLB sports event and disrupting it. He was charged with 3 misdemeanors, including criminal trespass. We certainly hope such an incident never happens again for the sanctity of the game.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet has been a massive fan of professional wrestling for over 22 years, since the early days of the Monday Night Wars. Aside from wrestling, he also is into TV shows, movies, Anime, novels and a lot of music.

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