Bugs Bunny is back, and he can afford even more carrots now. LeBron James also doesn’t care about what his haters have to say when his film is racking in so much cash in the box office, $32 million in its opening weekend. Whenever a film proves its value like that, you never know what can come next.

The idea is already out there that The Rock could be a fit to star in Space Jam 3. They would need a huge name to star alongside the Looney Tunes next time around to match Michael Jordan and King James.

Space Jam 2: A New Legacy is making tons of cash in the box office, and that might cause executives to ask for a third movie. Director Malcolm D had a lot to say about the possibility of pumping out a third Space Jam film as he spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

“I never say never. It’s all going to be about whether the fans respond to this positively. But I think the bar has been set so high in terms of the first one with this global iconic superstar in Michael Jordan, and now the same global iconic superstar in LeBron James, who transcends sports. Who is that next person to put into that universe? And then you’ve got to find a script and story that’s good enough to not repeat what’s been done but will capture the spirit of it and keep it going.”

Critics have panned this new edition in the Looney Tunes universe, but cash is king no matter where you are, especially if King James is around.

Space Jam 2: A New Legacy was in “development Hell” for a while, so it’s probably not a good idea to expect another film right away. You also never know what Warner Bros might want out of this franchise that has proven it still has plenty of legs. How about another one in 2040 starring Bronny?

What’s your take on more Space Jam movies? Sound off in the comments!

Aaron Varble

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