NBA YoungBoy has been behind bars since a few months now, as he was arrested in Los Angeles. The Louisiana rapper was found shooting at a relative’s place last year, after which he had been hit with a federal charge on weapons, which his attorneys vehemently denied.

While the rapper is spending his time incarcerated, he has been keeping it up as his team release some new music by the rapper. He has been keeping in contact with his fans, giving lengthy updates about how he’s coping with being in prison and still making the most of it.

Even though the rapper isn’t keeping in close contact with the fans, his associate Herm Tha Blacksheep is blessing them with little nuggets of unknown facts about the rapper, one of which he posted on his Instagram stories.

One thing fasho Yb the only artist that never paid for a feature and turns down 100,000s for them. The industry don’t have street n*ggas no more FREE TOP.

Not only that, but YoungBoy also charges a hefty amount of $100,000 for a feature, which is definitely a high number in the industry. YoungBoy is for this reason, and more, a very enigmatic rapper, which explains the attraction of fans to his eccentricity.

YoungBoy is one of the very few rappers who gets almost no features on his albums, and still manages to top the charts on both Billboard and streaming platforms. The rapper & his team has been working hard on releasing his album, Sincerely, Kentrell.

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