Nikki Bella isn’t wrestling anymore, but there’s hope for an in-ring return. She has die-hard fans, her Bella Army, and one recently received a huge gift from the Bella Twin.

A pro wrestling super fan named Jake tweeted out a couple of photos to show off his pro wrestling memorabilia collection. He has quite a collection of ring-used gear from some of the great women who have graced the ring. He noticed that some gear showed up on eBay that belonged to Nikki Bella, so he knew what to do.

Jake contacted Nikki and her mother Kathy, because he’s that big of a fan, and they were very happy to hear about this found gear. Apparently, Bella loaned that gear out for WWE to use at one of their fan events, but it never got back to her. Jake bought the eBay listing, and sent the gear to Nikki. Then she sent it back, signed and ready for display. He wrote about the whole thing in a text graphic on his Twitter account.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big collector of women’s wrestling memorabilia and ring gear is one of my favorite things to have in my collection. A few months ago I came across some of @thenikkibella’s gear on eBay. It was a lot of her things and from some pretty high profile events. The seller also didn’t really have any other wrestling items for sale which was odd as well. Knowing Nicole isn’t really one to sell her gear I reached out to her and @kathylaurinaitis just to see if they were aware. I purchased the gear just in case and learned it was in fact Nicole’s. However, she had lent it to lent it to WWE for Axxess last year to be on display for the HOF. As soon as I received the items I had them sent to Kathy’s home, had the seller reported and was able to get my money back from eBay after providing proof of correspondence. The seller must have somehow gotten ahold of these and sold them off. It’s disappointing there’s people out there like that. Imagine my surprise when Kathy and Nicole sent everything back to me, this time signed by Nicole. She wanted me to have the items and not pay for a thing. As much as I said that was so unnecessary Nicole and Kathy still had these items sent my way. I am blown away by the generosity of this family and am honored to have items worn at WrestleManias and SummerSlams on display in my home. I’ll cherish these always. Much love to the Bella family, stay fearless –

This was a great act for Nikki Bella, but Jake is a very big fan. He even appeared in an episode of Total Divas in the past. Obviously, he’s not losing love for the Bella Twins any time soon.

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