Kylie Jenner launched a revamped version of her cosmetics line, but it might be a bit too late for that. She is now losing fans after workers have come forward with terrible stories about the reality TV star.

While Jenner was trying to have a good day with this launch, The Sun reports that workers at the facility where her cosmetics are “forced to work in horrific conditions.”

Workers at Spatz Laboratories have come forward with stories about conditions so poor that they would “cry” at times. This was not lost on fans, and they have started speaking out in a big way via Kylie’s comments.

One noted, “Wow what a piece of s**t! I’m so done of this woman.” Another commented with an all-caps message to say: “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? THEY SURE IN THE HELL NOT GOD SO WHY IS IT PEOPLE HAVE TO TREAT THEM DIFFERENTLY? NO GOOD PEOPLE.”

More fans commented and liked those previous negative posts. Another plainly stated: “Using your rebrand to distract us from Kylie Cosmetics workers saying they’re been treated like garbage??? K.” 

She still has supporters, but they are dwindling, it seems, as another commented to retort, “Kylie I love you but I can’t stand by anyone that makes workers feel the way some of yours say they feel please set the record straight.”

Spatz Laboratories located in Oxnard, California was the manufacturer of her products. There were times when Jenner and her mother Kris went to the facility to check on manufacturing, but Jenner does not own the business and simply contracts them out for work.

Those visits were apparently very stressful situations. Irene Lopez, a 32-year-old, told outlet:

“She would come by and watch us work to see what we did. Before they would come in our supervisors would tell us, ‘You are not allowed to talk with them, you guys are supposed to keep on working, you guys are not allowed to take any pictures or ask any questions.’”

“We had to be quiet and continue working. They would come around and just watch us on the machines or filling up the makeup tubes. They wouldn’t talk to us, they never talked to me, they would talk to the leads and just walk around and look at everything.”

“It’s not like she didn’t see what the conditions were.”

Kylie is no longer with Spatz as her manufacturer, but fans are still very upset about the situation. They are commenting in droves on Kylie’s posts, standing up for the American workers. That doesn’t change the fact that workers were apparently told that they are not allowed to even look at Jenner when she came into the building.

“It was messed up. We were doing her product and we couldn’t talk to her. We couldn’t see her. If we’re doing her product and all the work is on us, she should be aware of it,” another worker told the outlet.

It’s unclear if Kylie Jenner knew that such measures were being taken. It is possible that managers at the facility did this on their own. She has not publicly commented on this controversy as of this writing, but fans are not being shy about it.

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