NBA fans can be brutal online and some, like LeBron James, have become experts at dealing with hate from fans. Others could learn a lesson from King James and that was not lost on coach Steve Kerr.

During an interview on The Dan Le Batard Show, Matt Sullivan talked about a conversation he had with coach Steve Kerr. It was revealed that Kerr used LeBron James as a measuring stick during conversations with Kevin Durant as he encouraged his player to care less about what people say about him online.

“You know, I talked to Steve [Kerr] for a while about this, and he said he took K.D. out for a drink when he was just kind of sick of K.D. being up in his D.M’s, the burner accounts and all that. And he takes him out, he kind of prepares the lesson and he says to K.D., ‘You know what I respect about LeBron? I respect that when he got to Miami, he got sick of the narrative, sick of the haters, all the talk, so you know what he did?’”

“And K.D. kind of sits there, ‘What’s that coach?’ Has a sip of his drink, and Kerr says, ‘LeBron just said, ‘f*ck it’ and then he was great again. Same with Michael, with Kobe, all the greats. So, they had to say, ‘f*ck it’ and then they were all on that next level. So, you know what you have to do? And K.D. leans back and says, ‘What’s that coach?’ [Kerr:] ‘Go out and be you, you just got to say, ‘f*ck it’ like LeBron did.’”

LeBron was also called “the biggest whiner” in the NBA by some, and that was likely ignored by the man as well. When you have so much attention on everything that you do, that spotlight can be a lot to handle. LeBron James seems to have it figured out, because he just says, “f*ck it.” Others might benefit from following his lead.

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H Jenkins

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