Mat George, a podcast host, took to Twitter to post a photo of his mother alongside a man who looked very similar to Snoop Dogg. However, the only problem is, he wasn’t. George got fooled by the similar appearances, and Twitter spared no mercy in telling him just how wrong he was.

The co-host for She Rates Dogs podcast received many corrections on his misconception. The man who had faked being Snoop Dogg was Eric Finch, who has been showing up as the rapper himself for many years.

After his initial tweet had picked up many responses from people telling him that the man in the picture was in fact not Snoop Dogg, he pleaded with them for not mentioning the fact, as the picture meant a lot for his mother.

When one sees Snoop Dogg standing alongside Eric Finch, the difference is quite evident. However, when one sees someone so similar to the legend, it’s quite hard to tell the difference, and perhaps we wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference either. Check out the responses to the tweet down below.

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