Kim Kardashian is very protective of her brand and she realizes that others want so cash in on her family. She had to put a stop to that recently.

That Girl Lay Lay is a 14-year-old social media star who also raps. She logged onto social media to share that Kim K told her to take down photos and videos of her and North West, Kim and Kanye’s daughter. Obviously, That Girl Lay Lay was not happy about it.

“@kimkardashian texted me to take down the new TikTok video with North in it…I don’t know why…” She went on to further explain that she is hella confused because The mom of four invited her over to interact with her daughter. “They invited ME to their house… this industry SUCKS!”

She continued and said, “I asked what did I do wrong and they didn’t answer me… so confused on what this industry is… just trying to make good positive music for the #nevergiveup.”

Lay Lay and North West were hanging out and posted a video that she wasn’t really supposed to. The aspiring rapper even namedropped North West in the caption. “Hey y’all!! North west and i are hanging out today!!!! check out our tiktok! follow my tiktok account-litgirllay,” That video has not been deleted as of this writing.

Tracey Romulus later commented on this issue as The Shade Room reported, “Kim never reached out to this child. I’m sorry it was not explained to her in a way for her to understand (because I very clearly explained to the dad) but Lay Lay was invited over 1 YEAR ago for a private child’s play date – not to be filmed and for that footage to be used in a music video over 1 year later. The play date came about because North was a fan and loved to cover her songs. Kim invited Lay Lay over to their home not knowing they would want to film North – however North’s parents did allow for 1 TiK Tok to be posted after the play date ended and It was learned that they had filmed her for several of them. As Lay Lay grows older and she continues to have a career in this industry she will have to learn that nobody can film you and use your image without permission. North is an 8 year old child who is not on social media and it is well within her parent’s rights to say how and when their daughter’s image can be used for promotional purposes just like it’s well within Lay Lay’s parent’s rights to say yes or no when it comes to their child’s image.”

It seems like this situation is not over yet. We will have to see if Lay Lay and Northie have another playdate.

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H Jenkins

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