Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier faced off against each other in their third fight together in the main event of UFC 264, in what was a highly anticipated fight, to say the least.

The main event truly had a big fight feel as many fans were excited to see which competitor would end up victorious. In a shocking turn of events, Conor McGregor fractured his ankle at the end of the first round, leading to Dustin Poirier winning the fight via TKO.

After the conclusion of the fight, Dustin Poirier claimed that McGregor broke his ankle when he threw a leg kick that was checked by Poirier.

While speaking on his YouTube channel, Dr. Brian Sutterer stated that Conor McGregor’s injury happened due to accumulative damage. He also dismissed Dustin Poirier’s claim that his leg check broke McGregor’s ankle.

“I still feel like this was a result of more so cumulative damage rather than one specific check or one specific block. Combined with that ultimate twisting torsion right there that’s put through Conor’s leg as he goes to plant and step off. Of course, ultimately leading into that inversion position and the completion of that fracture.

I have to disagree with Poirier here. Because if we look at the contact on this kick, it really didn’t hit McGregor’s shin or the tibia, which was the primary bone that was injured.

Really, McGregor kicks and lands with the top portion and kind of the outer portion of that left foot. I really don’t think there would’ve been enough energy here to deliver enough torsional load into his tibia. So despite this being a really hard kick, which was checked very well, I don’t think this was when there was an actual break in the bone.

The reason I don’t think this was the moment where that fracture was completed is because the primary contact here is on the fibula. That’s the bone on the outside portion of the leg and I don’t suspect that this would’ve been enough energy to break the fibula as well as transfer enough [pressure] to break the tibia.”

Conor McGregor will be facing off against Dustin Poirier yet again once he makes a full recovery from his injury. We will have to wait and see just when that will be taking place.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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