Michael Jordan had become the majority governor of the his own former team, the Charlotte Hornets, in 2010. It is quite an achievement as he’s the first retired basketball player to actually hold the reigns of a team he played for.

Jordan used to coach his players by playing with them one-by-one in order to observe their playing style and point out any fallacies they had stopping them. He’s not in the habit of doing so anymore, since everyone, including himself, is older and more experienced now.

Bismack Biyombo was coached by Michael Jordan in a different way. As the legend is infamous for making bets, Biyombo recently revealed after appearing on a podcast with Roosh Willaims that the basketball legend had made the bet that Biyombo won’t be able to make 7 free-throws in 10 tries.

As Biyombo is a player with a success rate of 56.6% in his entire career, Jordan’s bet and wit was completely right, and Biyombo ended up paying the man a whole $1,000.

While Jordan may be one of the most successful basketball legends to have ever lived, the performance of his very own team has not been satisfactory for years now. Ever since he became the majority governor of the Hornets, they haven’t been on the winning side of a playoff series. However, it seems that there is yet hope left for the Hornets.

Nitish Vashishtha

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