You never know what can happen on social media and you also don’t know what to trust anymore either. Scammers took advantage of Billie Eilish’s fans recently and faked a live stream of the famous singer to dupe fans out of cash.

Billie Eilish fans caught a livestream to trick TikTokers out of money, but it didn’t work for long. This old Instagram live video of Eilish played and 25,000 fans tuned in thinking it was legit. Some of them even sent the scammer gifts.

This went down on July 6th, and Eilish fans thought that they were catching a rare candid moment with the singer on TikTok, but that wasn’t the case. After closer inspection, the profile broadcasting the video wasn’t verified and Eilish wasn’t really responding to comments in the video. The trick did work for a while though.

@billieeilishlive_1 is the scammer account that was replaying the old Insta live video. Fans now know that name and they will beware of the profile. That doesn’t change the fact that some fans were sending gifts to the stream which can be converted into real money.


Mashable reports that viewers who stayed to the end of the stream obviously got the scam, because it re-started the same video on loop. Those fans who already sent in gifts, which ranged from $.99 to $99, were probably very upset about this. There is no way that they can get that money back due to the nature of the digital transaction. It is unknown exactly how much this scammer got away with.

It just goes to show that you should always make sure who is really receiving money before you send anything online. Be careful out there, guys.

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H Jenkins

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