Drake doesn’t get to do a lot of things in public without calling a ton of attention to himself. He was recently on a date in an empty Dodger Stadium, even then he was spotted.

Drizzy was captured by a 4K camera from a helicopter at the empty stadium. He likely rented out the entire stadium, but still couldn’t get total privacy. Some fans think they know who Drake was courting as well.

Drake’s personal life is kept on the DL, but fans have called him out for macking on Amari Bailey’s mother. Amari is a teammate of Bronny, LeBron James’ son. Drake has been called out in the past for hitting on Bailey’s mama during a game as he sat courtside with Michael B. Jordan.

ABC helicopter reporter Chris Cristi captured those shots of Drake ready for a romantic evening in Dodgers Stadium. Then they got a look at Drake’s date, “Thats got to be Amari Bailey’s mom,” so many called out.

To be fair, nobody could ever fault Drake for shooting his shot with Amari Bailey’s mother. You can check out an image of her from Instagram below. They have not made anything public yet, but fans seem to think they know what’s really going on here.

What’s your take on Drake’s new love interest? Sound off in the comments!

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