Video game collecting has really sparked a renewed interest in today’s society. Nostalgia is taking over and plenty of people with outrageous amounts of disposable income are reaching deep in their pockets to snag pieces of history. A recent auction might cause some people to start going through their storage facilities once again on the hunt for old video games.

The Legend of Zelda is regarded as one of the best games of all time. This caused many gamers to rip that packaging open as soon as they got the gold cartridge so they could wield the Master Sword and take out enemies in 8-bit glory. Naturally, there aren’t a lot of those copies left that didn’t find their way into thirsty gamers’ hands back in the day.

A VERY rare copy of the 1987 classic is now on auction, but it won’t come cheap at all. An unopened copy of the Legend of Zelda is now on auction for $110,000. This auction is going down as the franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary.

Heritage Auctions has the highly valuable item up on the block. The current bid is at $110,000, but it could go even higher. This copy is considered the earliest sealed mint condition copy of the game in existence.

Professionally rated by WataGames, the game earned 9.0 out of a possible 10 points. This is an impressive price point, but it is still far from the record. That honor is currently held by a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. that sold for $660,000 in April this year.

People really needed to figure out other ways to spend their money when the pandemic took away travel options. Now, if you’re rich enough, you can stock up on uber rare video games instead of taking a trip around the globe.

What’s your take on this ridiculously priced game? Is it worth it? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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