Dana White is known to be a very controversial figure when it comes to the proper payment of UFC stars. He was called out for this fact many times by the likes of Jake Paul. 

However, it cannot be dismissed that Dana White has made UFC what it is today as it remains the most popular promotion for MMA in the world right now. The world of MMA has certainly grown exponentially since its humble beginnings a couple of decades ago.

Before becoming the President of the UFC, Dana White certainly had a troubling life as he would get involved in scary incidents such as being threatened by a mobster to getting assaulted by goons.

While speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Dana White recalled the time he was jumped by three men at a bar in Boston. He was assaulted by the men for 20 minutes straight and it resulted in him suffering permanent hearing loss. An unsuccessful surgery worsened matters for him.

”When I was 21-year-old, I lived in Boston and I got jumped one night at this bar. And these dudes beat the living s**t out me for about a good twenty minutes until the police came. At one point, I remember I was on one knee and this fu****g guy must have punched me in this (left) ear a thousand times. I was getting kicked and hit from all kinds of different directions. The guys were from Charlestown, I’m lucky I didn’t get stabbed. I’m lucky I just got the s**t beat out of me.

The fu****g surgery was a complete disaster. 70 percent of the people it helps, I’m the other 30 percent that went the other way. So now I have almost completely lost the hearing in this ear. My hearing is almost completely gone and I’ve been having attacks every day.

Dana White is certainly a controversial figure in the MMA world right now but he has had his own demons to deal with and a troubling life before he finally became the UFC President.

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