The Phoenix Suns did what many considered impossible after beating Los Angeles Clippers in a match which has paved their way to the NBA Finals. Chris Paul had a strong leg in the game, having constant domination over it. With forty-one points, Paul has a strong chance of being the highlight of the entire season.

As Paul took to celebrating with his team, he saw Lil Wayne and invited him to celebrate with him. As the two are friends of long time, going way back to the starting of Paul’s career at New Orleans, Tunechi’s hometown, the two had quite an emotional moment. However, fans thought it was CP3’s mom who had just hugged him.

After witnessing the epic moment, many fans took to Twitter to joke about the duo’s camaraderie, which was so strong that it compelled fans to think it was CP3’s mother greeting him.

With the long blonde dreadlocks, Lil Wayne ended up intentionally deceiving all of the fans of CP3. While Wayne might have become part of an unnecessary social media joke, his happiness for the team’s win was genuine.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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