Britney Spears is still in the middle of a bitter conservatorship battle that is keeping her from being totally free. This is an issue that has plagued her for years, but thanks to a recent public outcry, she is now receiving a lot more support.

Court documents obtained by Us Weekly show that Britney’s father Jamie Spears is claiming that it wasn’t all him keeping her under this legally binding order. The 68-year-old Spears says that Jodi Montgomery is the one to blame for this.

The latest instance of passing the buck in this bitter conservatorship battle was submitted through court documents on June 29th. Documents emphasized that Jamie has not served as conservator on Britney’s case for “nearly two years.”

It is said that Montgomery “has been fully in charge” of Britney’s “day-to-day personal care and medical treatment.” It was also said that Jamie Spears is “greatly saddened to hear of his daughter’s difficulties and suffering, and he believes that there must be an investigation into those claims.”

Samuel Ingham, Britney’s attorney, also had a finger pointed at him. In the documents, it was said that, “Unlike Ms. Montgomery and Mr. Ingham, Mr. Spears does not speak or meet with Ms. Spears’ medical team, and he is not permitted to nor does he have the opportunity to provide any input into his daughter’s current medical treatment, diagnosis or therapy. Nor does Mr. Spears participate in or discuss Ms. Spears’ personal affairs with her, such as issues related to her self-care, marriage and reproductive desires […] These are issues under the purview of Ms. Montgomery as Ms. Spears’ conservator of the person, and issues that Ms. Spears presumably discusses with her court-appointed attorney, Mr. Ingham.”

Montgomery released a statement via her attorney, Lauriann Wright, on Wednesday, June 30 where she fired back against these claims.

“I can state unequivocally that Jodi Montgomery has been a tireless advocate for Britney and for her well-being. While she does not control Britney’s financial assets, she is responsible for her personal care, and if Britney wants any issue brought up to the court, Ms. Montgomery is and has always been ready, willing and able to do so,” Wright said. “From the very beginning of her appointment in September 2019, Ms. Montgomery and the medical team that she assembled have had one primary goal – to assist and encourage Britney in her path to no longer needing a conservatorship of the person.”

It was also claimed that Montgomery must receive Jamie’s approval for all financial matters since she “does not have any power or authority over the conservatorship of the estate.”

As of this writing, Ingham has not responded to these allegations from Jamie Spears. This conservatorship battle is ongoing and a very public battle. Plenty of people are pulling for the world famous pop star’s release from this binding court-ordered situation.

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H Jenkins

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