Britney Spears’ bitter conservatorship battle is ongoing and she is calling for an end to things. Her father is now living in an RV after selling their family home, but Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn still has a tight hold over the pop star’s money. This has caused Britney to walk on eggshells for year.

A former boyfriend of Spears, who would not identify himself for fear of retribution, told The Post that her family has denied her request to end that conservatorship on several occasions. It really angered him with Britney’s lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III, told the court that she had never asked for it to end.

“She asked him four or five times a week to end the conservatorship and they would always give her some sort of BS. Ingham used the word ‘formally.’ What does that even mean when someone calls you four times a week [asking], ‘How do I end this?’ … I hope she sues the sh*t out of them for this. I will testify if it comes to that.”

Britney Spears turned 40 in December, but she is still not free to live her own life. She is controlled by this conservatorship which father Jamie keeps a tight hold over.

The Toxic singer lives in fear that one bad move will cause her family to come down on her, taking away her children and further restricting her life.

“What she wants more than anything is to have a baby girl. That’s all she’s ever wanted, really. They kept her from that. They told her she had to do the Vegas show instead.”

“She was afraid to rebel or speak out because she was worried they’d totally take her kids away. The whole family was making money off her. Her father made at least $200,000 a year off her while she got only a $2,000-a-week allowance. He’s a f*cking loser. The only thing he ever did was run a smoothie shop or something, and that went bankrupt. Without Britney’s money he wouldn’t have anything.”

The #FreeBirtney movement is going like wildfire once again. Plenty of people are speaking out about how unfair it is that this situation is ongoing. Others also pointed out the fact that Spears was driven to her mental breakdown by some of the very same outlets that are now praising her quest to be free.

What’s your take on the situation? Should they #FreeBritney? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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