Kevin Durant is most definitely one of the most popular and skilled basketball players in the world right now. The Brooklyn Nets star had previously won two championships with the Golden State Warriors and there is no doubt he will win more in the future as his stock continues to rise.

Kevin Durant recently had tremendous performances in the Nets’ games against The Milwaukee Bucks, most notably in Game 6 where he put up 49 points on 16-of-23 shooting with 17 rebounds and 10 assists during incredible outing.

During the Nets’ game against the Bucks in Game 7, Kevin Durant hit a near-impossible shot but that shot was what ultimately led the Nets from being taken out of the playoffs as they lost to the Bucks with the final score being 115-111 in the Bucks’ favor.

Despite not being able to win the game, Kevin Durant scored 48 points, which is a Game 7 record. Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo are former NBA Most Valuable Player award winners. However, when legendary color commentator Marv Albert referred to Kevin Durant and Antetokounmpo as “valuable property” during TNT’s broadcast of Game 7, he caused an outrage on Twitter as fans blasted him for saying such a thing on Juneteenth.

Bro did this dude just say “valuable property”…

Marv Albert calling Kevin Durant and Giannis “valuable property” on Juneteenth don’t sit right.

Did Marv Albert just call KD and Giannis “valuable property” on Juneteenth???

Attention all NBA commentators Presidents, GM’s, Governors and everyone else: Don’t ever refer to a Black Man as “valuable property” like Marv Albert did last night when referring to KD and Giannis. It’s beyond disrespectful and insulting

It was certainly a very unfortunate thing to say on the day of Juneteenth, which is a significant day for African Americans as it marked the end of slavery. We wonder if Marv Albert will apologize for what he said.

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