Farrah Abraham and Chrissy Teigen’s beef is far from over. This stems from accusations Abraham made that Teigen bullied her in the past. Teigen’s claims of turning a new leaf are ones that Farrah has not yet seen.

Teigen’s online rant including her telling people that she wanted them to die. She later backtracked in a big way with an apology letter. Farrah Abraham is apparently waiting for something a bit more personal.

The former Teen Mom 2 star addressed this situation with a lengthy post on her Medium page. In the statement, Abraham called out Chrissy Teigen’s bullying and claimed that she never received an apology, despite Teigen stating that she would be issuing those. Abraham feels as though she should one of the first to receive such an apology call.

Through it all, Farrah Abraham wants to continue pressing on and staying strong for her daughter Sophia.

Aside from the last time Chrissy Tiegen had mentioned myself I was in a different traumatic state of healing my bereavement which is actually an ongoing issue for many and comes out in many ways and affects others sexually, physically, mentally in no exact order or time period. At that time I was very much staying strong for my daughter and dealing with public sex shaming, by those who took advantage of my vulnerability in the same both men and woman. Like a lot of teen mothers with a lot of undeserved criticism, judgement, being taken advantage of and so much else many older moms will never understand, those who do not have children and men.

Farrah continued talking about Teigen’s apology and accused her of using it to gain clout and a following to get famous. She then called out the “gossiping complete immature lies and hate publicly” that Teigen’s friends “supported loudly.”

We also have to point out that Farrah Abraham misspelled Chrissy Teigen’s name every time she wrote it. That might have been on purpose.

Chrissy Teigan’s apology on this platform “Medium” said through the hate behavior and nice behavior whiplash of mood behavior described by her,was used to get clout, notoriety, build a following to get famous, be with possibly the person she wanted to be with, the friend group she wanted to fit in with, get the fashion, style angle of public persona rather than only being discovered through her husbands music video, and act nice to friends she made in real life who believed in being above essential celebrities, gossiping complete immature lies and hate publicly that their friends supported loudly on social media and privately.

It was very much a “Mean Girls’’ movie spin-off of a “wish I could use vulnerable, nice, famous types with more following with press push leverage, to be more popular ” kind of spiral out that would come sooner or later like in the movie.

It seems that this Mean Girls situation is far from over. Farrah Abraham is still waiting on her apology, and she has no issue painting the entire picture as she sees things. The big question is whether this public address will change popular opinion on the matter.

What’s your take on this situation? Who’s in the right? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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