Lil Dicky is certainly a popular rapper in the Hip-Hop world and has also overcome adversities in his life, including with his own body. He is also the star of his hit show called Dave.

He certainly made a name for himself thanks to the positive reception from Dave. Due to all the success, many fans were under the impression he was going to focus on doing comedy more instead of performing as a rapper.

While being interviewed by GQ, Lil Dicky talked about his disdain for touring and his general hatred for concerts in general. Lil Dicky simply can’t understand why people would want to stand for hours amongst other people and listen to music that isn’t as good as when one listens with headphones.

“Nothing gives me more anxiety than the idea of doing karaoke in front of my friends. But also, you should know I hate concerts. I don’t like going to concerts. I don’t know why people go to concerts. I can’t relate to the activity of wanting to stand for two hours amongst other people and hear music that’s not at the quality that you’d hear when you listen with your headphones.”

Lil Dicky also added that he is almost done finishing up his new album, which will be less focused on comedy and different from his older albums, which he admits to be embarrassing now.

”When I initially started, there was probably more of a desperation to just have something get attention, just so I could get noticed. Which is probably not the right way to make music. Now I feel like I have more pride in the art of songwriting and making good songs.”

Perhaps many fans, especially introverts, can relate to Lil Dicky’s dislike for concerts due to all the people in attendance and lower quality of music. The second season of Dave is set to drop on Hulu on June 16. We will have to see if it is as good as the first season.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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