Georges St-Pierre has contended in MMA fighting for a very long time. As he started off way back in 2004, he has come a long way in the industry and knows the proper code of conduct you need to maintain to ensure maximum profit.

Pierre recently publish all of his insights he gathered throughout the years in an open essay published at Wealthsimple Magazine. In the essay, the former UFC talent reveals that there is no union for MMA fighters like the other sports do to ensure that their needs are being met.

In the essay titled “The UFC Won’t Pay You Fairly Unless You Make Them,” Pierre reveals the shocking reality of what it is to be an underpaid UFC fighter. By means of his own example, he revealed that he used to work as a garbageman in his initial days as a UFC fighter.

In his debut fight, Pierre details that he made the $3,000 that was under his contract after winning. However, in the contract terms for his title fight which he lost against Hughes, he states that while he made $9,000 on paper, the loss stopped him from getting any of that money.

As he recounts that it was in 2008 where he made what can be deemed “big money” after winning the Undisputed UFC championship, he reveals that it was a gamble on his part to continue of with it.

So after I won the championship in 2008, I took a big gamble on myself and told UFC I was not going to re-sign with them. And then, the day before my fight with Jon Fitch, the UFC came back with a big, crazy contract because they didn’t want me to become a free agent. You read I made $400,000 a match? No. I made a lot more than that. A lot more than that. Millions. When I was at the peak of my career, I was making many millions of dollars.

Along with many other things, the former fighter revealed that he left after his win against Johny Hendricks, which aroused a lot of controversy. According to him, he was “disgusted with the performance-enhancing drug problem.” Check out Pierre’s open essay to learn more about the UFC and the plights the fighters have dealt with over the years.

Nitish Vashishtha

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