Khloe Kardashian recently made a statement about bottled water. She chastised fans for using single-use bottles. That isn’t good for mother nature. Then fans blew up her timeline with photos of lavish parties flooded with balloons. Her hypocrisy was quite apparent. Now she is replying, and she had a lot to say.

Kardashian unleashed a seven-tweet reply on the matter. She addressed the controversy about not helping the planet with her extravagant parties that are full of decorations and other things that will just end up in a landfill.

While admitting that she has much more to learn, she still went off a bit and said that people are making a big deal about nothing.

Oh my! LOL What drives me [crazy emoji] is that people turn nothing into some thing. It must be a slow news day. I am constantly learning and trying to be better for the environment for the sake of my daughter. I am the last one to say that I’m super environmentally conscious because I know

how much more I have to learn. All I was simply saying is a pet peeve of MINE. I find it silly that people are pouring 4 to 5 single use plastic bottles into a reusable container. It’s sort of defeats the purpose.

I was trying to provide a suggestion such as a water filtration system that you can buy easily for the price of a case of water bottles. Sometimes plastic water bottles are the only option for some people and I totally get that.

Sometimes it’s what I grab. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about learning and hopefully making small changes for our future. Holy smokes. Anyways I love when I get educated on easy tips as to how to potentially make a change in our world. Feel free to tweet me some tips.

I mean the drama over water LOL I’ll keep my jug of water to myself moving forward

Ok the water bottle is back

It seems that Khloe Kardashian has spoken her piece on the matter. Fans might still have a lot to say. The Kardashians live a life in front of the world, open for criticism. That makes anything that Khloe or any of her family members say susceptible to widespread public opinion. Perhaps she could do a lot more for the environment other than just tell her fans to skip out on the single-use bottles.

What’s your take on this Khloe Kardashian scandal? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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