Pop sensation Britney Spears remains one of the most talked-about celebrities in Hollywood right now, for better or for worse. She was undoubtedly one of the most sought after singers in the early 2000s, especially notable for her excellent dance skills on top of her songs.

Britney Spears’ mental health is also a constant topic of discussion among many fans as her image truly never recovered since her 2007 meltdown. It seems her latest activity on social media has fans worried about her wellbeing.

Britney Spears recently took to Instagram and uploaded a few photos of herself wearing a snakeskin catsuit while calling herself a snake. The photos were a homage to her infamous 2001 VMAs performance, in which she toted around a live albino Burmese python named Banana while singing “I’m a Slave 4 U” in a small green bra top and embellished shorts.

I held a snake at the @VMAs one time but decided to go ahead 20 years later and become the motherfucking snake myself 🐍🐍🐍 !!!! And since TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS you tricky little shits … who knows what color snake I will be tomorrow 😳🤔😏 !!!!??? STAY SAFE folks and watch out for the  🐍🐍🐍

A lot of fans asked her what does she mean by this post while expressing concern over her mental health, as the post certainly surprised many fans.

“Well this ain’t strange at all Brit. Hope you’re released from your cage soon!!!!”

No this can’t be Britney writing this?

Are you really OKEY?

Oh no.. oh no… oh no no no no noooo

What’s with all the swearing these days… Britney never had a vulgar language like this..

What are people doing to her???”

Britney Spears has also been changing up her style game as of late. We sincerely hope that Britney Spears is mentally healthy as she has been working very hard to keep herself well.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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