Bad Bunny entered WWE with a ton of respect for pro wrestling. That respect only continued after his WrestleMania moment. He said it is “100% real” and he gave a ton of respect to those who wrestle for years.

Adam Pearce had a big hand in training Bad Bunny for his in-ring debut. Bad Bunny took it seriously, even relocating operations to Orlando and putting music on the backburner while he trained.

Pearce, who is a former 5-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and WWE’s current Director of Live Events, revealed to Digital Spy exactly what it was like working with the famous rapper.

“I approached [training Bad Bunny] and, it’s funny people will hear this and probably not believe it, but I took the same approach with Bad Bunny that I’ve taken with every single newbie that’s come into the Performance Center, whether they had experience or not,” Pearce explained. “You have to get a sense of what their athletic ability and passion is before you really delve into what we do and it just so happened that Bad Bunny loves what we do.”

“You knew instantly there was a passion for what we do beyond, ‘I’m a fan, that watches Raw and Smackdown’. I never heard the word ‘no’ come out of his mouth and we put him through every single pace that we put anybody else through, and I pride myself on that. Yes, it’s Bad Bunny, yes he’s a worldwide superstar, yes, he’s a Grammy Award winner, yes he’s a celebrity and yes, he did every single thing that every other trainee, whether we knew who they were or not, did and he should take a lot of pride in that.”

Bad Bunny has his 2022 Tour to worry about soon, but he could very well make it back to WWE. He still has a massive love and respect for WWE and those Superstars really appreciated that breath of fresh air as well.

Who should Bad Bunny face in WWE next time? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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