Alexa Bliss had devastating news to deliver when she revealed that her pet pig Larry Steve passed away. He suffered through the night and no vet she contacted would treat him. He did not survive his ordeal, and Bliss was heartbroken.

While TMZ caught up with Bliss, she called Larry Steve’s death “shocking.” This was a hard loss to take, but Bliss hopes to inspire others through her tragedy.

“We just know that, unfortunately, there’s not enough vets that are able to treat pigs or any tools to be able to help larger animals,” Bliss told the online publication.

She has since been contacted by many pet owners who experienced similar issues. A lot of vets won’t treat larger, non-traditional pets. Bliss wants to change that, and she has raised more than $16,000 at this point for a pig rescue in Florida that she will name after Larry Steve.

“They’re building an insulated pig house for the winter and it’s gonna be called The House Larry-Steve Built.”

“I would love to keep rescuing animals and pigs specifically because they are so emotionally smart. They have the learning capability and understanding of a 3-year-old child. They can feel grief and they can cry real tears.”

“People don’t know that they’re actually super emotional and super smart. I’m fascinated by pigs and loved having Larry around.”

Bliss is currently involved in a very interesting storyline on WWE Raw. She was not around last week due to this personal tragedy, but her presence was still felt thanks to her new supernatural gimmick.

Alexa Bliss seems to be getting through this experience the best she can. It’s never easy losing a pet, especially one that meant as much to her as Larry Steve did. Now she will use his sad passing to help others in need.

Should more vets be trained to take care of non-traditional pets? Sound off in the comments!

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