Donald Trump is known for being notorious on social media, and that right was taken from him in January, when was banned from most social media platforms. It seems that the former POTUS is going to get back and enjoy his old ways once again.

Even though it’s been about six months Trump had gotten himself banned following the claims he made that the voting process for electing the president in 2020 was heavily manipulated and many votes were faked to favor Joe Biden in many states.

While it’s not yet known what social media platforms Trump will be getting back on first, it seems that he will definitely get back on Twitter and Facebook. While he suffered total silence after the alleged invocation of his followers to commit the Capitol insurrection, he decided to come back with his blog.

The blog titled ‘From The Desk Of Donald J. Trump.‘ was the first time he communicated with the world, on May 4th. Even though as per a report by CNBC his blog has been permanently shut, he has gotten lucky to find other communication channels in place.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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