JUICE WRLD’s estate might be in deep trouble as a rapper named ‘Ghost Loft’ has come forward and claimed that it was his song from which they stole the beat for “Scared of Love,” a banger which was featured on WRLD’s album Goodbye & Good Riddance.

Loft took to the United States District Court of California in filing his lawsuit, where he states that it was his song “So High” which was tampered with. The rapper alongside his producer Mitch Mula had taken the sample without any consent or attempts thereof, he states.

According to the legal documents found by XXL Magazine, the lawsuit details the rapper and his manager wouldn’t have been able to make “Scared of Love” had it not been for his song.

Juice Wrld and Mitch Mula admittedly used Plaintiff’s work, a 16-bar instrumental hook taken from the opening measure of the sound recording of the work, without the Plaintiff’s permission, without which ‘Scared of Love’ would not exist.

Mitch Mula allegedly accepts that the sampling did occur, and even confessed to the fact that he had made “written admissions” of the fact, but it was mishandled by Interscope, which led to the lawsuit coming out.

Ghost Loft, with real name Danny Choi, has decided to rope in and sue Juice Wrld’s mother, Carmela Wallace, who is the estate’s executor, WRLD’s manager Mula, alongside Interscope Records, Universal Music Group and Grade A Productions. Desiring a jury trial, it is unclear at the moment the nature of reparations Mula is looking for.

Nitish Vashishtha

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