The NBA Playoffs are going on and those games can get very heated. If you’re not down with that, then Joel Embiid has two words for ya!

The 76ers star had a moment on Wednesday night that went viral. He laid down on the court and fired off some DX crotch chops. Triple H and Shawn Michaels were very proud of this.

The 76ers game against the Wizards brought out this moment during the second quarter. It was a funny reaction that captured quite a bit of attention. It all went down after Embiid took a foul and got And 1 while laying up a scoop shot on his way to the basket. Then he celebrated like D-Generation X.

This isn’t the first time that Embiid has pulled out some DX nostalgia. He was also quite happy during a December 2020 game, so he busted some out then as well.

“If you’re not down with the process, I got two words for ya **** ** #ThrustTheProcess #DX,” Embiid later tweeted out. Obviously, he was censoring out “suck it.”

Triple H saw this viral tweet and replied asking: “#AreYouReady #TrustTheProcess” That is his catchphrase, after all.

Shawn Michaels also replied with, “…and if you’re not down with that!!!!”

This thrusting moment caught the attention of fans and other sports figures alike. Obviously, they were a bit taken back by his celebration of choice. We’ll have to see if he busts out any more DX chops on the way through those Playoffs, but Joel Embiid might find himself as an honorary member of DX by the end of his NBA career.

What’s your take on this victory celebration? Are you down with it? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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