A new Daily Mail report revealed that The Game might have to hit pause button on his playthrough for a while. The rapper has been ordered to pay $500K in damages for an Australian tour of his that never happened.

The tour which was being promoted by Australian tour promotion company Tour Squad in 2017 never happened, and Justice Sarah Derrington deemed The Game & his manager, Cash Jones, liable for not paying the company the fee they deserved for promoting the cancelled tour.

The Game and his manager have to pay a total of $478,119.73 as the damages, plus a staggering $78,508.08 as interest, after which they’re also supposed to cover the legal costs that the company had to spend in order to pursue the lawsuit.

The Tour Squad and The Game’s team had negotiated through WhatsApp, and most of the negotiations for the after-parties were still being worked out. When the Tour Squad refused to pay $3.21 million for a documentary that The Game’s crew wanted to film, things went sour and The Game left the entire arrangement.

Apart from the heavy fines the rapper has to pay, he has also been beefing heavily with celebrity fighters and YouTube sensation Jake & Logan Paul. After The Game challenged the twin duo in a street fight, things went bad between both parties, and the beef is still on going.

Nitish Vashishtha

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