The COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill since last year and due to that, the way people have come to enjoy various forms of entertainment has changed. This includes people going to movie theaters to watch a movie.

People hardly go to movie theaters now as straight-to-streaming is now the norm and many have already embraced the method as the future of content consumption. However, not everyone seems keen on the idea, at least when it comes to a particular film.

While speaking on his Fatman Beyond podcast, filmmaker Kevin Smith talked about ‘Batgirl’ not making its way to theaters. Smith was noticeably livid at this decision and lambasted its shortsightedness.

“I have to call the mayor of Hollywood… What are you nuts! How is this just a streaming series and not a f***ing… Like, they got Wonder Woman. But I’m like, take Wonder, throw in Bat, take Woman off, put Girl, make the same amount of money. Like they could be printing big f*cking dollars. It’s a billion-dollar franchise if handled correctly. And you cast it right, oh sh*t… Look, there are wonderful streaming series. I’ll fight anybody who says Hacks isn’t one of the greatest f***ing series of all-time, now airing on HBO—and I’m not even a paid f***ing advocate. I’m just a big fan. But I would not have thought they would take Batgirl in this direction. Maybe a spinoff animated series sure, but that smells like a movie to me.”

Smith would eventually reduce his billion-dollar claim to just $500k but reiterated the fact that Batgirl is “one of the most iconic female superheroes from the DC universe.”

The decision to have it stream and not release in theaters despite having the potential to become a full-fledged franchise is certainly a decision that fans will question, as Kevin Smith is not alone. We will have to see how the film will turn out to be when it releases.

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