Ice Cube is being sued by producer Sir Jinx, who realized over 20 years later that he was underpaid for a lot of the heavy lifting he did for the rapper. Jinx is a longtime collaborator to American rap veteran Ice Cube.

The rapper worked with Sir Jinx in 1990, when he recruited the producer’s help to get the beats done for a bunch of songs for his classic “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.” Since then, the rapper has worked with Jinx for many songs, and the producer now seeks to be paid the royalties that which have been pending since a long time.

According to TMZ, Jinx claimed that he has made a total of 28 beats for Cube, and it was only until 2019 that he realized that the math didn’t add up with the amount of payment he was supposed to be receiving for these tracks.

Jinx even reached out to Ice Cube’s team to let them know that there had been a mistake in the payment for him and he’s supposed to be paid way more than what he was compensated with, but nobody from Cube’s team ever got back to him.

Jinx assumes that he deserves compensation of around 100K, and wants the judge to set up an official accounting of his work so that he can be fairly compensated. However, a source from Cube’s side revealed to TMZ that Jinx also owed Cube some money that he hasn’t paid, so clearly, the two have a lot of issues to figure out.

Nitish Vashishtha

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