Nikki Bella received some instant backlash for some recent posts made in the wake of growing tension and violence between Israel and Palestine. She was trying to spread a message that was not received well by fans.

Bella has now turned comments off of three controversial posts where she spoke about against antisemitism. She posted a blue square and plenty of fans paid attention to that, and he caption she provided.

“Peace, Love and Light for all. [Blue heart emoji] [Peace symbol emoji] #StopHate #StopAntiSemitism.”

Fans raided Nikki Bella’s comment section on Instagram. She turned off those comments to stop fans from flooding her mentions with fiery messages, but they were still able to comment on Twitter.

One fan commented to say: “Nikki! Palestinians are being ripped out of their homes. Posting the blue color means you support the Israeli government ethnically cleansing a group. I love my Jewish brothers and sisters, it’s not about that. You’re supporting the bombing of innocent civilians.”

Bella replied to this fan comment by saying: “This isn’t political. All about peace. I made sure to be educated on the blue square before posting. For me violence is never the answer. I hope and pray for peace for every child and person around the world. Hate never wins. If I had one wish it would be for world peace.”

That didn’t seem to stop any of the detractors from her message. Nikki tried to reply to some fans at first, but then she turned off her mentions.

One fan said on Twitter regarding Nikki Bella: “It took Zionism and the likes of bigots such as Ben Shapiro to make Nikki Bella care about antisemitism when Black people were also speaking about it during BLM protests last year and were ignored. Her post shows how useless these bigger platforms are.”

Another fan was much less kind to Nikki Bella as they replied back saying: “Nikki Bella is so f*cking stupid and she’s acting so ignorant it’s painful.”

Nikki Bella has left up her Instagram messages so far. That won’t stop fans from coming down on her for it. This is a very complicated situation and Nikki Bella found herself in the middle of it.

H Jenkins

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