Farrah Abraham will do whatever she likes. She won’t let fans tell her how to parent either. She recently fired back at critics and she might have to do it again. Her 12-year-old Daughter Sophie is still Farrah’s mini-me, and the former Teen Mom is taking a lot of flack from fans.

Abraham posted a couple of photographs of her daughter to Instagram, and she used a filter. That is very common in social media nowadays. Some fans really didn’t let her live that down.

“This is so filtered it looks photoshopped,” observed a fan in her comments. Another fan racked her over the coals even more by saying: “STOP FILTERING YOUR CHILDREN’S PHOTOS.”

Those comments continued to roll in for Farrah. She’s probably used to a lot of activity in her notifications, but that tab was full of negativity about her parenting choices after those photos.

Another fan accused Farrah Abraham of jumpstarting body image problems for her daughter later on in life. “DO YOU WANT THEM TO DEVELOP INSECURITIES AND BODY ISSUES? BC THAT’S HOW YOU DEVELOP THOSE.”

“Farrah filters the crap out of her face,” another fan noted as one more chimed in to say: “her mother has had so much surgery she’s unrecognizable…”

Farrah Abraham has not fired back at this backlash yet. Odds are she won’t take too kindly to those words about how she is raising her daughter. After all, Farrah has it together and claim to be going to “Havard.”

H Jenkins

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