WWE is known to bring in a celebrity every now and then. Hugh Jackman was a special guest and got way into the action during a September, 2011 appearance of WWE RAW.

Out of Character recently had WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler on the show for a chat. During his appearance, The Show Off revealed that he told Wolverine himself to punch him in the face as hard as he could. In the end, Jackman and Ziggler pulled off one memorable experience.

“Backstage, he’s a sweetheart guy. He was so nice and he was a fan. He remembered Brooklyn Brawler coming to a show when he was a kid. He remembered a bunch of different things. He was like, ‘how can we make this awesome?’ Again, that is rare. You could be bringing up someone else and I’d be like, ‘that was okay.’ This guy wanted to make this amazing. He didn’t have to. There were no rules for him. He could do whatever he wanted.”

“We figured it out where he’s going to — I see him there, he’s got Broski’s headband on and he’s going to punch me in the face. He goes, ‘so what do we do? I kind of swing by you?’ I go, ‘if you don’t punch me in the face as hard as you can, I’m going to get fired and I’m coming after you. We have 500 cameras out there and a world watching, you got to punch me because we got enough people saying this stuff’s phony, anyways. You got to freaking hit me and make this count.’ I go, ‘don’t worry, you can see by the jaw I can take a freaking punch.'”

“So, right before we went out I said one last time, ‘listen man if you’re going to halfway do it or miss, let’s switch this right now because I need you to punch me in the face with my hands down and my head [extends neck forward].’ He goes, ‘I promise you I won’t let you down,’ and he cracked me in the face pretty damn hard. It was great.”

Hugh Jackman never laced up a pair of pro wrestling boots for WWE, but he did get a good shot on Dolph Ziggler. It just goes to show that sometimes they’re actually making contact in that space where the punches are supposed to be a bit pulled.

On that note, Bad Bunny also really clobbered The Miz in the face during the run to WrestleMania this year. You can click here for that epic footage.

WWE might be pre-determined, but sometimes those Superstars are making real contact. Hugh Jackman can probably back that statement up. He got a good shot on Ziggler and it lives on in WWE history. You can check out the clip below.

Would you take the chance to punch Dolph Ziggler right in the face if you could? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks to Fightful for the quote

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