Farrah Abraham is irate with fans who keep telling her how to parent. She’s not having it and blocking whoever wants to come at her sideways about it. Now she is blaming them for her daughter Sophia not getting to be a kid.

Abraham, who was fired from MTV’s Teen Mom because she did a live porn stream after they told her not to, has been maintaining an OnlyFans account. She’s still living it up with her daughter Sophia and raising her however she likes, even if cameras aren’t following her around anymore.

Sophia is 12 now and still “homeschooled.” We’re not sure what kind of curriculum she is on, but Farrah claims to be going to “Havard.” She recently unleashed on fans in a big way after they tried to tell her how to raise her mini-me.

This photo of Solphia’s new eyebrow job got fans in an uproar. They did not like the dramatic blonde dye-job on a 12-year-old. It isn’t recommended that people that young get such a procedure. If you had that opinion, then Farrah Abraham was happy to block the ever loving crap out of you.

Fans flooded her mentions and she prepared to throw a block party. She also felt it necessary to publicly announce the block, something that just needs the click of a button. When someone announces that they are blocking someone, then that person never sees it… because they’re blocked. Anyway, Abraham will fit right in at “Havard.”

“No,” Farrah fired back at one fan, “Sophia professionally gets her hair done.” She also replied to so many fans with: “Let kids be kids!”

Finally, the former Teen Mom, now OnlyFans model, announced: “Further lies and hate are not tolerated on this account.” She meant business and had no trouble hitting the block button.

Farrah Abraham is going to keep doing her thing, and nobody is going to tell her otherwise. It’s nice to know that her on-screen portrayed on Teen Mom wasn’t just an act for the camera for all those years.

H Jenkins

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