LeBron James might be amazing in a clutch situation, just peep the blind 3-pointer he made to secure a win for the Lakers recently, but James didn’t get the best review recently.

According to Woelfel’s Press Box, King James is considered the “biggest whiner” in the NBA. This is according to a small poll conducted by longtime NBA writer Gery Woelfel.

This was “an informal survey of four NBA officials.” Those people included a coach, an NBA executive, and two talent scouts. None of them were named in the report, and they all gave a resounding opinion that LeBron James is a big whiner.

“LeBron is whining all the time,’’ a veteran scout said of James. “He’s been a whiner since day one.’’

Added another longtime scout: “LeBron sure does (whine). But you know what? When I’ve seen him complain to an official, he’s usually right.’’

The executive said since James has been and still is the face of the NBA, he has exceptional clout, that he’s been granted considerably more latitude to complain about officials.

“Whatever LeBron wants, LeBron gets,’’ the exec said. “He’s beyond reproach. He really is. And he knows it.’’

LeBron James might have that reputation with those people, but he’s still pulling down the W’s. The Lakers haven’t had the best season so far, and James’ injury might have been blamed on that, but they could rebound in the playoffs.

James is also not shy on the microphone when it comes to voicing his opinion. That kind of thing could play into that reputation he seems to be acquiring for himself.

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