Friends remains one of the most beloved and influential sitcoms in the history of the genre. The colorful cast of characters featuring Ross, Rachael, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey captured the hearts and minds of an entire generation of viewers.

Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachael Green was a trendsetter when it came to fashion back in the 90s, as her ‘Rachel Cut’ and fashion sense were all the rage back then. However, it seems Aniston decided to do something questionable to one of her co-stars.

While speaking to People, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she stole a special piece from co-star Courteney Cox’s wardrobe from the Friends set, adding that she still wears that dress to this day.

“I went into her line of clothes and I pulled out a dress that Monica wore. I still have it and wear [it] to this day and it fits. It’s floral with black lace, tiny little flowers, a V-neck and little ruffle cap sleeves.”

Other stars such as Lisa Kudrow kept her character Phoebe Buffay’s signature rings and even  a “Cookie Time” cookie jar, which Matthew Perry managed to steal for her. David Schwimmer snagged his “Professor Geller” placard from his museum office as well.

The match-awaited Friends reunion is set to air on HBO Max on May 27th. We will have to see how good the reunion will turn out to be as fans are surely looking for that one big hit of nostalgia.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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