Kylie Jenner shut down all comments on Instagram after fans started coming at her in a big way over tone-deaf posts. Those comments are now limited only to those she wants to comment, and it doesn’t look like anyone is getting the green light now.

Fans sent a backlash Kylie’s way after she posted images that they saw as insensitive considering the current situation with Israel and Palestine. Those comments from fans did not hold anything back and Kylie didn’t want to see them.

The reality television star has no issue showing off skin. This enraged some fans and they were not shy about letting her know about it. The caption on one photo that triggered many said, “My vibe right now is just living life.” People did not appreciate it at all.

Several fans commented, “Free Palestine” on Kylie’s post. This is in reference to the outbreak of violence in the Middle East, including Israel targeting a very important media building so news can’t get out of the area.

“Y’all are soooo rich, don’t you feel like helping? educate yourself a little? Hey Hooooooo, the world is burning and y’all trying to start a new beauty product line.. whata wrong with yall! your kids wont have a future…” one fan commented. That post received several likes.

Another angry post directed at Kylie asked, “There’s a war going on right now in the middle east, do u even care?” Kylie Jenner did not respond to this comment. Instead, she disabled comments on all of her posts as fans continued laying it in.

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to trolls. She sees them on her timeline all the time. Those comments about her posting such photos in the midst of turmoil in the Middle East were apparently too much for her to take. For the record, we’re talking about over 53,000 comments before she was able to disable them.

The Kardashian and Jenner house has been called out for tone-deaf actions and posts in the past. They are also no strangers to controversy. Fans seem to think that Kylie’s recent posts are another example the famous family not caring about global events while they are in their own little world.

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