JT of the City Girls rapper duo is known for speaking her mind and not mincing words when she does so. She has responded to critics on several occasions, especially regarding the rapper’s relationship with Lil Uzi Vert.

The couple is now one of the most talked-about pairs in the Hip-Hop world but they are not without their fair share of controversies. Regardless, they are very dedicated to each other and now seemingly have definitive proof of that.

The two have been talking about tying the knot and having children in recent interviews and it really does seem that they want to grow old together. Vert recently took to Instagram and uploaded a photo of himself with his girlfriend JT.

What many fans noticed was that the two seemingly got tattoos of each other’s names on their hands. It isn’t known whether the tattoos are actually permanent or not, but the two are determined to let people know that their love is definitely permanent. Uzi appears to have gotten “JT” inked on his hand while JT got “Uzi” on her wrist

Fans were not appreciative of the two’s tattoos and there was a lot of negative reception as a result. JT took to Twitter and addressed the criticism for the two getting tattoos.

“You just made my point if I ain’t the only one ain’t no going public baby! He had 10 hoes on another bitch watch not mine! You see what tf going on once I stamped it … shopping sprees and palm trees!” 

People do a lot of things when they are in love. Some are cute while some are not and it can also result in a lot of regrets in the future. We will have to see if JT and Vert’s relationship will stand the test of time.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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