The Weeknd has been having a terrific year so far. Even though he’s only dropped one song this year, he’s broken records on several Billboard charts, and his 2019 hit song Blinding Lights is still helping the artist in earning a lot of popularity and praise.

Even though earlier this year he condemned the Grammy’s for not even giving him one nomination after his album After Hours became one of the most successful and critically acclaimed albums, he got to perform at the Halftime Super Bowl and received a lot of recognition at the BRIT Awards on Tuesday.

In order to promote his appearance on the award show, the artist took to Instagram to share many clips where he’s singing “Save Your Tears” and pictures of himself from the show, as well as former First Lady Michelle Obama presenting him with the award. However, one thing in particular about his Instagram page caught the attention of fans.

The artist posted a photo from his BRIT awards performance, but the caption “the dawn is coming…” seemed to suggest that something way bigger than his performance on the show was coming. What lends more credence to the rumors of the new album is the fact that he also talked about dropping some music he recorded during the quarantine. Let’s see what the future holds for The Weeknd.

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