The American singer Lizzo is feeling the blues, and she expressed it to the world through TikTok.

The artist took to popular social media website TikTok and shared a video, in which she revealed that she feels like “burden on everyone.” In the video she starts off by questioning if anyone cares and if anyone has ever felt like a burden on everyone.

You know that part of sadness where you feel like a burden on everyone and annoying and nobody cares about you? Can we get rid of that part? It’s like, yo, I’m already sad. Could it add insult to injury that I have no one to talk to about it?

After she said that she is unable to escape this sense of sadness, she continued by saying that she doesn’t want to feel this way anymore, and she wants someone she can rely on while talking about her personal feelings.

It’s crazy. Why we feel this way when we get sad? I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I want to feel like I do have someone to talk to, people do care about me. I have love. I’m not alone. That’s what I want to feel, but I don’t feel like that.

Lizzo then took to TikTok to post another video where she talks about her fans and how their reaching out to her definitely helped her case. She also expressed her gratefulness over TikTok as a way to communicate with others.

Thanks guys. I had a really rough night and a very emotional morning just thinking about my relationships and life. You know how it is. It gets dark. I’m definitely glad I reached out in any way that I could and TikTok was one of those ways. To feel received and seen and heard really, really helped me. I’m not crying anymore. If you’re going through things, just know you’re not alone and I love you.

She then posted another video on TikTok where she talked about all the things she did to make herself feel better, stated that she really did feel better, which made her fans relax a bit.

Took a bath, talked to my therapist, talked to my medium, breathed, focused on gratitude, tricked my dopamine levels by getting excited about something that’s happening in the future, ate a cinnamon roll, hot chocolate and now I’m in bed. I do feel better. Journaled a little bit, read a little bit. I do feel better, so thank you. All of y’all are so sweet.

The artist had recently posted about having fun with her mom on TikTok, but then came forward with these contrasting videos about feeling the blues. It only goes to show that even the best of people face their mental health issues, and connecting with others is often a good solution.


♬ original sound – lizzo

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♬ original sound – lizzo
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