Eminem’s first NFT auction did very well. Shady made $2 million all together, and the most expensive NFT was the “Stan’s Revenge” package which Tom McDonald paid $100,000 to acquire.

McDonald’s deal came with a beat from Eminem, an original creation that Tom now owns. He addressed this controversy as some fans are a bit upset that he now owns a beat by Marshall Mathers. He can do whatever he wants with it, including using that beat for his own music.

“Welcome to the very special edition of ‘Tom McDonald Helps You Not to Be Mad and Confused.’ Today I told the Internet that I might be in possession of an original beat produced by Eminem. And it seems like a lot of you guys were really mad and really confused. So let me help you.”

“If I got a beat from probably the greatest rapper of all time, you should be happy, not mad. If I got the beat from the man who literally inspired me to become a rapper, you should be happy, not mad. If, as an independent artist, I invested $100,000 into myself to further my independent career, you should be happy, not mad. If I got a beat from Eminem and made history as the first-ever independent artist to do that, you should be happy, not mad. And if I didn’t do any of that, then you have nothing to worry about.”

McDonald also dropped an Instagram story where he hyped a big surprise coming next week. He’s been giving clues, but today he said, “I’m not trying to be shady about it, but no clues today.” The use of “shady” was very apparent.

Interestingly enough, McDonald once dissed Eminem in the past. Fans have not forgotten about that either. It’s unclear where an indie artist gathered up $100k to drop on Eminem’s NFT, but he will use it to further his rap career however he can.

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