Jon Jones is one of the best fighters in the entire UFC, and he trains hard to keep that up. While going through a training that is harsh and challenging is definitely a marking of a true champion, there are some limits that one shouldn’t cross.

After a video of Diego Sanchez-Joshua Fabia’s training session was leaked and got deleted subsequently, fans managed to get a hold of it prior to deletion, and now the video is going around in the internet and swirling controversy. Fans showed their outrage and responded with posting snippets of the video on Twitter.

Jon Jones, who is a friend and contemporary to Sanchez for many years, revealed that he is out of words to describe what he feels about the video. Joshua Fabia is seen beating on Sanchez upside down, and he takes it until he’s forced to cover his face.

I am without words, really disgusted. As a person that used to know Diego, this is the last thing he needs.

After the UFC released Sanchez from the UFC without much of a statement, the video of his training continues to tarnish his image in front of fans further. Fabia asked for Sanchez’s complete medical history before his fight with fighter Donald Cerrone. That raised too much doubt and confusion, which led to the promotion cutting off Sanchez.

Diego Sanchez was one of the original winners on the roster, winning the title of “The Ultimate Fighter.” He’s widely known for his explosive fighter against fighter Clay Guida. Sanchez spent 16 years with the promotion.

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