Jim Carrey has always been known for being a wholesome actor, though he has a very strong wild side too. Having been through intense and funny roles alike, the actor has worked with many film crews, and he always expresses his gratitude to them in one way or the other.

After having finished shooting for his upcoming movie Sonic 2, he decided to hold a little contest amongst the crew members to show them his gratefulness. He ended up gifting the lucky winner a Chevy Blazer RS.

According to TMZ, the winner was found on Friday. A camera operator from the team ended up being the lucky participant who won the new car. This move is genuinely likened to Oprah’s ways of showing gratitude as well.

This grand gesture has costed the celebrity $40K. Jim Carrey is continuing his role from 2020’s “Sonic The Hedgehog” as Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He’s going to play the evil doctor that tries to trample the plans and schemes of Sonic, The Hedgehog.

Nitish Vashishtha

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